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When the wrong man's framed, and the Metropolitan Police don't care. Paladin Agent Alice Skye takes it on herself to find the real culprit. 

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  • Alice Skye book six Winter 2021

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Alice Skye Series


Dark Urban Fantasy



“If you liked Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series you need to read this!!! This book has witches, vampires, shifters, and assorted magical creatures. There is action, humor, some sex, and a lot of violent magical encounters which make for a fun to read, well told, and fast-paced story.”

—  Charles Tillman

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Knight's War

Alice Skye Book Five

A betrayed witch. A broken secret. A malevolent destiny.


Paladin Agent Alice Skye is desperate to get back on a case, and it doesn’t take long until she gets exactly what she’s asked for. Alice is thrust into a horrific homicide, one that tests her limited knowledge in dark magic, and threatens to destroy not only her, but those she loves. 


Still in mourning, Alice is trying to get her life back together. However, nothing is quite like it seems when she receives a letter from Dread’s estate. She uncovers a secret, one that should have remained buried. But fate is ticking, for there are those waiting for her in the dark, ready to stop the prophecy that has shadowed her since birth. 


Can she survive her greatest challenge yet? 


Or will The Knights, a secret guild of assassins follow their simple, but deadly creed?


Protect the innocent; Slay the corrupt; Defend the realm.


Because unfortunately for Alice, she’s their number one target.