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Curse of the Guardians Series

Paranormal Romance with interconnected story lines

Available on KU, Paperback, Special Edition *Discreet Paperback & Hardback & Audio 


Kiss of Darkness

Curse of the Guardians Book 1

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Touch of Blood

Curse of the Guardians Book 2

Whisper of Fate MAIN.png

Whisper of Fate

Curse of the Guardians Book 3

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Heart of Crimson

Curse of the Guardians Book 4

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Stroke of Shadows

Curse of the Guardians Book 5

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Burn of Obsidian

Curse of the Guardians Book 6

Alice Skye series

Urban Fantasy with dark themes & slow burn romance

Available on KU, Paperback, Hardback & Audio

Alie Skye
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Witch's Sorrow

Alice Skye Book 1

DS USA Today ebook.jpg

Druid's Storm

Alice Skye Book 2

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Rogue's Mercy

Alice Skye Book 3

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Elemental's Curse

Alice Skye Book 4

KW USA Today Ebook.jpg

Knight's War

Alice Skye Book 5

VF USA Today ebook.jpg

Veil's Fall

Alice Skye Book 6


Chasing Shadows copy.jpg

Chasing Shadows

Alice Skye World Novella

Reading Order

Reding Order

While the books are written in the same universe, each series can be read separately.

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