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When the wrong man's framed, and the Metropolitan Police don't care. Paladin Agent Alice Skye takes it on herself to find the real culprit. 

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Rogues Mercy

 Out now

Alice Skye Book Three

A vengeful witch. A shattered family. A dark threat. 


When her estranged brother Kyle finally reaches out, Alice will do everything in her power to help, even if it goes against everything she’s ever believed in. 

When Kyle’s fractured past comes to light, Alice realises they are both hunting the same target. The very man who betrayed their family. 


Riley Storm is piecing together his fathers deceptions. It was his burden to find him, and to avenge the many who his father has murdered. But it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Not when Mason Storm has gone underground. 


Brought together by a common goal, Alice and Riley are forced to work together, all the while protecting her brother Kyle. For Riley is trained to destroy everything deemed dangerous, and Kyle is dangerous.



“If you liked Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series you need to read this!!! This book has witches, vampires, shifters, and assorted magical creatures. There is action, humor, some sex, and a lot of violent magical encounters which make for a fun to read, well told, and fast-paced story.”

—  Charles Tillman

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