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Shadow Veyn

Shadow-Veyn are wild creatures easily influenced by Daemons. They hide themselves from the general populace with glamour, but lower class cannot hide their shadows (hence their name)

Magic class - N/A

Origin realm - The Nether (Hell)

Other - Along with Daemons, they’re no longer imprisoned in The Nether. Feed upon flesh, and as of yet, no evidence that they breed


A - Small. Weak. Used as scouts

B - Venomous. Covered in black fur

C - Can heal using dark vapour

D - Scales as strong as armour, as well as fur

E - Defined by sheer size, and extra bones along spine


Celestrial - Also known as 'angels.'  Can lose their powers and wings, known as 'falling’ 

Magic class - Unknown

Origin realm - Unknown

Other - Once a celestrial has fallen, they're rumoured to be as weak as humans, but none have openly confirmed (See Fallen Angel)


Daemon - Druids who choose to ascend into black magic. In return for more power, they sacrifice their bodies and sanity

Magic class - Black

Origin realm - The Nether (also known as Hell)

Other - Once imprisoned in The Nether, they now freely move between realms


Druid - Born male, druid genes are inherited from the fathers

Magic class - Natural/Arcane. Can be strengthened with Ley Lines

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Breed governed by the Archdruid. When they come of age they must tattoo a syphon, known as a glyph, around their wrists to better control their arcane


Guardian - Druids who were cursed to share their soul with a 'beast.’  Their bodies, including their ‘beast’ form, are designed to battle Daemons, with increased strength, agility and ability to survive severe damage

Magic class - Natural/Arcane. Can be strengthened with Ley Lines and glyphs

Origin realm - Earth Side

Beast - Unknown

Other - The Archdruid made the deal with Hadriel, the Fallen Angel who powers The Nether, creating the curse in return for soldiers


Fae - Umbrella term for anyone from Far Side. Includes faeries, selkies, pixies etc. Split into two castes, light (Seelie) and dark (Unseelie)

Magic class - Wild Magic

Origin realm - Asherah of Far (also known as Far Side)

Other - Never say thank you, and be wary of gifts (Fae stuff seem to have a mind of their own)


Fallen Angels - Celestrials that have ‘fallen’

Magic class - Unknown

Origin realm - Unknown, but now reside on Earth Side

Other - Hide themselves amongst humans, always trying to regain their wings


Ghoul - Name for a failed vampire transition. Primal instincts only

Magic class - N/A

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Killed on sight


Human - Class themselves as the 'original' species on Earth Side. They have no access to their chi

Magic class - N/A

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Make over 60% of the population 


Shifter - Born with a animal spirit, able to transform into said animal

Magic class - N/A

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Are not infectious, despite rumours. Usually live in groups/packs with a strict hierarchy


Witch - Humans who were gifted the ability to access their chi. Magic originated from the four elements, diluting through generations

Magic class - Arcane (balls of concentrated chi), Natural (plants) and Black (blood/death)

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Rumoured that it was Fae royalty who originally gifted humans magic


Vampire - Humans who’ve been infected by the Vampira virus 

Magic class - N/A

Origin realm - Earth Side

Other - Low success rate, resulting in death and/or Ghouls. If turn is successful they must feed from a live source, surviving on proteins found in fresh blood

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