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Veil's Fall Paperback - Signed

Veil's Fall Paperback - Signed

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Veil's Fall - Alice Skye Book Six Paperback -

Signed by Taylor Aston White


A powerful witch. A forgotten memory. A dangerous prophecy.


Alice Skye has come a long way since she was an inexperienced witch at the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau. Having fought monsters, ruthless assassins and a savage wolf shifter or two, she’s sure there’s no crisis too catastrophic for her to overcome. 


But nothing could prepare her for what the fates have planned.  


With vampires turning up drained of blood, whispers of an uprising and portals opening randomly across the city, Alice’s carefully constructed control is put to the test. 

Her legendary power is growing once again, her inner fire twisting in turmoil, wanting to break free and destroy everything in its path. 


Alice is on the verge of becoming War, a destiny she has struggled against her whole life. But there are those who would use the prophecy to their advantage, to tear the veil between the realms and shatter the delicate balance that has been there since the beginning of time. 


Will the veil fall and release the horrors that are imprisoned in The Nether below? 


Or will Alice rewrite her own destiny?


The hunt has begun. 


Veil's Fall is the sixth and final instalment in this nail-biting, action packed Dark Urban Fantasy series by Taylor Aston White. Follow Alice as she battles her Daemons, and unveils dark secrets in a modern world of magic.


Disclaimer: This novel is written in British English including spelling and grammar. 

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