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Elemental's Curse Paperback - Signed

Elemental's Curse Paperback - Signed

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Elemental's Curse - Alice Skye Book Four Paperback 

Signed by Taylor Aston White


An untamed witch. A forgotten past. An unknown legacy. 


The nightmares might have stopped, but it's just the beginning for Alice Skye. 


Newly Independent Paladin Agent Alice Skye is just starting to get her life together. She’s survived a cult, taken down a corrupt druid and things are just starting to heat up with London’s finest bachelor, Riley Storm.
With stolen Fae artefacts, missing hearts and a tight lipped Detective, Alice must break down Peyton’s barriers, especially since his secret will help find the truth behind several gruesome murders. 
But The Council are still watching, waiting as they’re quietly deciding her fate.

Can she survive their judgment?

Or will it be her ancestry that destroys her?


Elementals Curse is the fourth instalment in this nail-biting, action packed Urban Fantasy series by Taylor Aston White. Follow Alice as she battles her Daemons and unveils dark secrets in a modern world of magic.


Disclaimer: This novel is written in British English including spelling and grammar. 

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