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Druid's Storm Paperback - Signed

Druid's Storm Paperback - Signed

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Druid's Storm - Alice Skye Book Two Paperback

Signed by Taylor Aston White


A betrayed witch. A fractured past. A dark secret.


Just two months after her abduction, Alice Skye is ready to get back to her job as a Paladin Agent, tracking and detaining Breed by any means necessary. Even though bones have healed and bites have scarred, she’s no closer to the truth, and the one man who knows is nowhere to be seen.


Riley Storm has his own problems being heir to the Storm empire and a Guardian of the Order. So he keeps his distance from the unpredictable Alice Skye. Until he’s forced back into her life, whether she wants him to be or not.


As a vampire genocide shocks the city, Alice partners as the new liaison with the local authorities, the job an exciting opportunity that would help bridge the   relationship between Breed and Norms for good. But Alice can’t help but feel there’s more to the dark murders, that maybe there's something bigger behind the lies and deceit.


Can Alice trust her instincts and stop the poison before more lives are taken?


Or will she be distracted as her life unravels once again?


Druids Storm is the second instalment of the nail-biting action packed urban fantasy series Alice Skye by Taylor Aston White. Follow Alice as she battles her daemons and unveils dark secrets in the modern world of magic.


Disclaimer: This novel is written in British English including spelling and grammar. 

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