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Heart of Crimson

Curse of the Guardian Book Four

He'll do anything to stop her... and she'll do anything to survive.

is just trying to control his new power without losing himself to the darkness. Already cursed, and now suffering with noxious black magic, he believes his luck couldn't get any worse.

Until an assassin appears, ready to end his life. He never expected such an infuriating woman, and now he's not sure what to do. Kill her before she can kill him, or give in to the intense desire that proves bad luck comes in threes.

Rae is prepared for a typical hit. But when she can't seem to eliminate her target, she quickly realises that it wasn't only Titus who has a price on his head.

Forced to work together, or risk both their lives, Titus and Rae must unravel the mystery of who hired the hits, all while fighting against a dangerous attraction that's a frustration to them both.

Can they trust each other to survive long enough to discover who wants them dead?

Or will they end up killing each other instead?

Hover to see the Special Edition cover, available in paperback and hardback.

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