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Whisper of Fate

Curse of the Guardian Book Three

He’s tried everything to make the pain go away… except him.


Sam refuses to let his traumatising past dictate his future, so embraces life to the fullest. Stable, independent and attracted to a Guardian who’s off limits, Sam couldn’t be happier... until his father comes back from the dead. 


Facing memories he’s suppressed from childhood, and a new threat he never saw coming, Sam struggles to keep the life he’s built from crumbling.


Cursed as a child and scarred from addiction, Axel never thought his life could get much worse. Until the poison that helps relieve his pain starts to affect his work, the sole reason for his existence.


With nothing else to lose, he finally gives into his desire that he’s suppressed for so long, breaking his celibacy with the one man he's always wanted. But he quickly figures out there’s something dark lurking in the shadows, ready to test his control. 


As everything unfolds Axel must decide what’s more important, Sam's life, or his own. 

Hover to see the Special Edition cover, available in paperback and hardback.

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