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Witch's Sorrow

Book 1

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An amateur witch. A dark past. A fierce deceit.

Paladin Agent Alice Skye didn’t think much of the contract forced upon her by Rexley Wild, Alpha of one of the largest packs in Europe.

He hired her for one job.

Find the missing wolf.

Unfortunately for Alice, she might already be too late.

She's in way over her head, an inexperienced witch who has to use all her instincts to help the secretive and detached Alpha find his missing pack mate. But it isn’t long before she realises something’s not quite right. It's not simply a missing person, it was something a lot closer to home, something that reignites nightmares that make her question her own, horrific past.

Alice is in a race against time that forces her to face against vampires, daemons and anything that gets in the way, for she only has one thing to do, find the wolf before he turns up like the others.


A betrayed witch. A fractured past. A dark secret.


Just two months after her abduction, Alice Skye is ready to get back to her job as a Paladin Agent, tracking and detaining Breed by any means necessary. Even though bones have healed and bites have scarred, she’s no closer to the truth, and the one man who knows is nowhere to be seen.


Riley Storm has his own problems being heir to the Storm empire and a Guardian of the Order. So he keeps his distance from the unpredictable Alice Skye. Until he’s forced back into her life, whether she wants him to be or not.


As a vampire genocide shocks the city, Alice partners as the new liaison with the local authorities, the job an exciting opportunity that would help bridge the relationship between Breed and Norms for good. But Alice can’t help but feel there’s more to the dark murders, that maybe there's something bigger behind the lies and deceit.


Can Alice trust her instincts and stop the poison before more lives are taken?


Or will she be distracted as her life unravels once again?

Druid's Storm

Book 2

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Rogue's Mercy

Book 3

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A vengeful witch. A shattered family. A dark threat. 

When her estranged brother Kyle finally reaches out, Alice will do everything in her power to help, even if it goes against everything she’s ever believed in.

When Kyle’s fractured past comes to light, Alice realises they are both hunting the same target. The very man who betrayed their family.

Riley Storm is piecing together his fathers deceptions. It was his burden to find him, and to avenge the many who his father has murdered. But it wasn’t as easy as he thought. Not when Mason Storm has gone underground.

Brought together by a common goal, Alice and Riley are forced to work together, all the while protecting her brother Kyle. For Riley is trained to destroy everything deemed dangerous, and Kyle is dangerous.

An untamed witch. A forgotten past. An unknown legacy.

The nightmares might have stopped, but it's just the beginning for Alice Skye.

Newly Independent Paladin Agent Alice Skye is just starting to get her life together. She’s survived a cult, taken down a corrupt druid, and things are just starting to heat up with London’s finest bachelor, Riley Storm.

With stolen Fae artefacts, missing hearts, and a tight-lipped detective, Alice must break down Peyton’s barriers, especially since his secret will help find the truth behind several gruesome murders. 

But the Council are still watching, waiting as they’re quietly deciding her fate.

Can she survive their judgment?

Or will it be her ancestry that destroys her?

Elemental's Curse

Book 4

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Knight's War

Book 5

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A betrayed witch. A broken secret. A malevolent destiny.

Paladin Agent Alice Skye is desperate to get back on a case, and it doesn’t take long until she gets exactly what she’s asked for. Alice is thrust into a horrific homicide, one that tests her limited knowledge in dark magic, and threatens to destroy not only her, but those she loves.

Still in mourning, Alice is trying to get her life back together. However, nothing is quite like it seems when she receives a letter from Dread’s estate. She uncovers a secret, one that should have remained buried. But fate is ticking, for there are those waiting for her in the dark, ready to stop the prophecy that has shadowed her since birth.

Can she survive her greatest challenge yet?

Or will The Knights, a secret guild of assassins follow their simple, but deadly creed?

Protect the innocent; Slay the corrupt; Defend the realm.

Because unfortunately for Alice, she’s their number one target.

A powerful witch. A forgotten memory. A dangerous prophecy.

Alice Skye has come a long way since she was an inexperienced witch at the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau. Having fought monsters, ruthless assassins and a savage wolf shifter or two, she’s sure there’s no crisis too catastrophic for her to overcome.

But nothing could prepare her for what the fates have planned. 

With vampires turning up drained of blood, whispers of an uprising and portals opening randomly across the city, Alice’s carefully constructed control is put to the test.

Her legendary power is growing once again, her inner fire twisting in turmoil, wanting to break free and destroy everything in its path.

Alice is on the verge of becoming War, a destiny she has struggled against her whole life. But there are those who would use the prophecy to their advantage, to tear the veil between the realms and shatter the delicate balance that has been there since the beginning of time.

Will the veil fall and release the horrors that are imprisoned in The Nether below?

Or will Alice rewrite her own destiny?

The hunt has begun.

Veil's Fall

Book 6

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